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Founded Date 1987.12.11
President Hou-Mu, Chen.
General Manager Watanabe Yasuji
Total Land Area 4993 M² 
Plant Land Area 2766.03 M² 
Employees 110
Capital    NT$ 50 million
Share Holders Asahi Denso Co., Ltd. 80%
Chin Fong Global Corp. 20%
Main Products Switch and lock products of automotives and motorcycles
Evaluation Test Equipment Corrosion resistance testing machine
Continuous operation durability testing machine 
Dust resistance testing machine
Digital microscope
High-reliability power supply
Material intensity testing machine
Thermal humidity testing machine
Vibration functional testing machine
Water resistance testing machine
Technical Partner Asahi Denso Co., Ltd.
Major Customers Domestic    Overseas  
San Yang Industry Co., Ltd. Arctic Cat, Inc.
Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. Polaris Industries Inc.
Yamaha Motor Taiwan Trading Co., Ltd.

Warm Industries,Inc. 

Tai-Ling motor Co., Ltd.  


Management Philosophy Cooperation, Innovation and Excellence.    
What does Chao-Yang pay attention is to pursue its distinction in concord atmosphere to meet customers demand; to provide an attractive and innovative products through sustaining efforts in order to give the best service to customers.
Quality Policy Providing high quality products to meet customers demand
Chao-Yang insists that quality objectives can be perfect accomplished through upholding the spirit of "Do things well at the first time" as well as do prevention before the event happened instead of "Do corrective action after the event happened"; through reasonable process design as well as systematized and standardized; and through continual education to strengthen the management ability. Besides, Chao-Yang further insists that the purpose of running business does provide high quality products so that the company can gain higher profit and can be sustaining growth.
Chao-Yang always takes customers expectation for quality converting undoubtedly into Quality Management Target; puts the commitment of the quality into Annual Management Index, so that each department can carry out the target in the daily work and the provided products can meet customers requirement. 
Environment Policy Complying with the regulations and standards 
Mind to pollution control
Continuing improvement environment current status
Implementing the promotion of environmental education
Chao-Yang takes the liability and social obligation as well as implements the environmental management in order to complying with the government's environment protection policy; creating an excellent working environment for employees; watching over the physical and mental of employees; achieving company's aims that the product quality is first and the environmental quality is foundation to attain "Contributing the highest quality to the community". Therefore, Chao-Yang is actively promoting the implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
Tel 886-3-5984366
Fax 886-3-5984331
E-Mail Domestic  cye@cye-denso.com.tw
Overseas   tad@cye-denso.com.tw